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Retro style bowling shirts


These classic Retro Bowling Shirts never go out of style because as they are custom bowling shirts they are so versatile.They can be dressed up or worn casual, and Retro Bowling Shirts come in a variety of styles materials and colors to suit you. Easy fit and easy wear and so practical made to any size you want. Wear one relaxing,in the back yard or out on the town. Above all,our custom styles are timeless classics. Finally,these are hand made by our own Tailor. For a similar classic look,consider  our classic casual shirts. camp style shirt!

The Allure of Bowling Shirts

Bowling shirts, also known as camp shirts, retro shirts, vintage shirts or guayabera shirts, have a distinct charm that goes beyond their original bowling alley origins. These shirts are a testament to how fashion can bridge the gap between style and comfort. Traditionally, they feature a boxy, loose-fitting design that allows for unrestricted movement – an essential aspect for any bowler aiming to strike down those pins with finesse. However, what makes bowling shirts truly captivating is their ability to transcend their functional beginnings and become a versatile fashion statement.

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