Classic Mens Shirts

Charlies Shirts – Classic Style Meets Bowling Performance

A Classic Look Shirt

Button-up bowling shirts offer a classic and timeless look for those who appreciate traditional style. Step onto the lanes with confidence in this wardrobe staple.


Charlies Shirts-“Comfort Meets Classic Elegance*

Experience the perfect blend of classic elegance and bowling comfort. Charlies shirts are button-up shirts are made from premium materials that keep you comfortable and confident.

Charlies shirts are cool retro design shirts in practical machine washable Polyester & Cotton blended fabric or 100% Pure Cotton. To clarify, we take the retro patterns and bold color blocks contrast them with stripes from the retro bowling shirt collection. Therefore, they are Just like our retro bowling shirts, but we make then with the familiar “button up collar” found on most men’s shirts today.Where else can you do that ?

Any shirt can be made to any size you need, and in any combination of colors from our color chart. 


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